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Top 100 Kids Videos

Rank Title - Description
1 Neutral

Jessie - Episode - Creepy Connie

Jessie sets up a study date between Luke and Connie, a classmate with an obsessive crush.
2 Up

Fred - Christmas is Creepy

This is the official music video for "Christmas is Creepy"!
3 Up

A.N.T. Farm - Episode - transplANTed

Chyna has just joined the ANT Program which allows talented kids to skip middle school.
4 Up

Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!

Candace finally busts Phineas and Ferb.
5 Up

Fred Figglehorn - Christmas Cash

Fred's music video for his original Christmas song, Christmas Cash!
6 Up

Austin & Ally - Episode - Rockers & Writers

Austin, an extroverted singer and Ally, a brilliant but shy songwriter become a team.
7 Up

ASAP Science: Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

Ever wonder how your brain processes information? These brain tricks and illusions help to demonstrate the two main systems of Fast and Slow Thinking in your brain.
8 Up

Phineas and Ferb - Rollercoaster

Phineas and Ferb build the coolest rollercoaster ever in their backyard!
9 Down

Fred on Valentine's Day

Fred sends a text to his Valentine crush, Judy.
10 Up

Good Luck Charlie - Episode - Study Date

Teddy must take care of Charlie while on her study date with a cute boy.


Rank Title - Description
11 Down

Christmas Lights

''Gangnam Style'' by PSY done to Christmas Lights.
12 Down

All I Want for Christmas is You

Justin Bieber Duet with Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
13 Up

ASAP Science: Butter vs Margarine

What is the difference between Butter and Margarine? And is one better for you than the other?
14 Up

ASAP Science: How Old Are Your Ears?

How high can you hear? Take this 'test' to see how old your ears are!
15 Up

Kick Buttowski - Episode - Dead Man's Drop/Stumped

Kick won't let Brad stand in his way on his quest to redeem himself.
16 Up

ASAP Science: Why Do We Yawn?

Have you ever wondered why people yawn? Find out the answer in this video from ASAP Science.
17 Up

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Mistletoe.
18 Up

Lilo & Stitch - Episode - Snafu

Lilo hits a snag when she tries to rescue all the experiments captured by Gantu.
19 Up

ASAP Science: Will 3D Printing Change Everything?

How will 3D printing change our world?
20 Up

ASAP Science: Can Plants Think?

Can plants think? Find out the answer in this video from ASAP Science.
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