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Top 100 Videos

Rank Title - Description
41 Up


Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin return Silkie to Killer Moth to collect a cash reward. Starfire is devastated until she sees Killer Moth might love Silkie just as much as she does.
42 Up


Beast Boy takes over as Alpha male of the Titans when he is in Gorilla-mode and Robin has to figure out how to get back on top.
43 Up

Minecraft Fairytales: Fairy Tale Minecraft #1 - Three Billy Goats Gruff

The story of the three billy goats gruff and the terrible troll who lived under the bridge
44 Down

Burger VS. Burrito

Cyborg and Beast Boy face off about which is better, burgers or burritos.
45 Down

Second Christmas

The Titans trick Starfire into believing in second Christmas with second Santa.
46 Up

Minecraft Fairytales: Fairy Tale Minecraft #5 - Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel go into the woods to look for the candy kingdom, but what they find puts them in great danger.
47 Down

Tom Bagnall: Fastest Jet Powered Go-Kart

Tom Bagnall is the person to set the fastest speed in a jet-propelled go-kart, after joining a jet-car team as one of the pit crew.
48 Down

Dressed to Ill

Kit and Kate take a cruise to visit wonders of the world in lands of heat, cold, rain and wind.
49 Down

Teen Titans Go! Be Mine

Beast Boy invites Tara to the Titan's Valentine's Day dance and she accepts in order to destroy all of the Titans and exact revenge on Beast Boy.
50 Up

Halloween Special (Episode 5, Cut the Rope)

With funny costumes and tons of candy, Halloween should be one of Om Nom's favorite holidays. But, first, he needs to overcome his fears!


Rank Title - Description
51 Down


The Titans and the Little Buddies throw a surprise party for Birdarang and Beat Box. When the Titans leave to check out a crime alert, Cyborg tells the Little Buddies to keep the party going while they’re gone. Eight months later, the Titans still haven
52 Down

Lazy Sunday

When the Titans replace the couch with a treadmill, Cyborg and Beast Boy must get guidance from the couch spirit.
53 Down

You're Fired!

Beast Boy gets fired from the team and the Wonder Twins take his place.
54 Up

Sugar Cane Farm

We make a sugar cane farm and craft paper and sugar, and also finish our farming shed in this Minecraft video.
55 Down

Minecraft Fairytales: Fairy Tale Minecraft #4 - Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill need to get water from the well.
56 Up

Looney Tunes: Canned Feud

Sylvester has only canned food available while his people are away. A pesky mouse torments him with the only can opener.
57 Down

Construction Continues

A lot of brainstorming and ideas are being shuffled on how to build this world. As expected strange things begin to happen at night.
58 Down
59 Down

Quiet Time

Kit and Kate form a marching band to play in Friendlyville.
60 Down

Dog Hand

Raven's Dad has gifted the gang with some ridiculous new powers.
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