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Top 100 Videos

Rank Title - Description
61 Down

Starfire the Terrible

When Robin needs an archenemy, Starfire generously offers to fill the role and she exceeds expectations.
62 Down


Raven shows the rest of the Titans that books can be fun.
63 Down

The Paper Alphabet

A fun, paper-animated alphabet for toddlers and kids. Brandon and Lisa Ray made the animated alphabet for their son and daughter, Bleu and Violet.
64 Down

David Chicken: Doggy Walk

Go on a Doggy Walk with David Chicken.
65 Neutral

Second Christmas

The Titans trick Starfire into believing in second Christmas with second Santa.
66 Down


We hope you enjoy this BINGO-style tribute to our favorite jolly fellow, Santa Claus. You can find this song, S-A-N-T-A, on the Super Simple Songs - Christmas CD.
67 Down

Christmas Lights

''Gangnam Style'' by PSY done to Christmas Lights.
68 Down

All I Want for Christmas is You

Justin Bieber Duet with Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
69 Up

No Joke

Batman and Green Arrow are done with The Joker's joking around.
70 Up

Jingle Bells

This version of Jingle Bells from the "Super Simple Songs - Christmas" CD, has a "Learn it" and "Sing it" verse.


Rank Title - Description
71 Up

Aw… Nuts!

While the Squirrel Princess is off searching for a Noodle Nut to complete her rare nut collection.
72 Up

Fred Figglehorn - Christmas Cash

Fred's music video for his original Christmas song, Christmas Cash!
73 Neutral

Thanksgiving Overture

Looking for a funny Thanksgiving song? Watch this Thanksgiving overture with lyrics with your friends and family to get a laugh this Thanksgiving!
74 Down

Candy Can (Episode 8, Cut the Rope)

So close and yet so far! Find out if Om Nom is able to solve the mystery of the glass jar and free his candy in this classic Om Nom Stories episode.
75 Neutral

Lalaloopsy Webisode 1: Jewel Sparkles' Un-Birthday Party

Watch Jewel Sparkles' Un-Birthday Party, the FIRST EVER Lalaloopsy webisode! Jewel has a long to-do list for her birthday - but will her friends be able to help her celebrate in time?
76 Up

Ep 9 - Adrien's Double Life

Adrien also has a double life. Besides being a junior high student and a model for his father’s fashion brad, he’s also Cat Noir.
77 Down

A Visit from St. Nicholas

Alfred Molina shares A Visit from St. Nicholas. Watch Disney A Poem Is... on Disney Junior!
78 Down

Reindeer Party

There's no party like a Reindeer Party with the Imagination Movers!
79 Down

UMIGO: A Cup Fills Up

Learn all about CAPACITY! Get ready for a terrific musical ride in the wild west town of Capa City!
80 Down


Cyborg has a star-crossed crush on Jinx, the cutest member of The Hive.
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